The Eczema Files

Photo by  Zé Zorzan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Zé Zorzan on Unsplash

As much as becoming a parent is a rewarding, wonderful thing - I’ve realised that there are a few things about early motherhood that nobody seems to want to talk about.

Hemorrhoids, hair loss, stitches, constipation… I could go on. But I won’t, because everyone is different, and I don’t want to scare you. If it’s any consolation, we do all go through and we do all get back to normal (eventually).

I however, was really surprised when I broke out with eczema on my hand not long after giving birth. I had taken my rings off in the week before my labour because I was concerned my hands would swell (another lovely thing to talk about). When I put my rings back on, the sterling silver band on my right hand irritated my skin almost immediately. I hadn’t had eczema since I was a young tweenager.

Even back then my eczema would flare up and then settle back down again, but this time it just seemed to get worse! I had to put it down to another post-partum problem.

Before long I had removed all my rings because it has spread across both hands. It had also reappeared on the inside of both my elbows. I needed help.

After going to the pharmacy to purchase some intensive creams, then visiting the doctors for a prescription steroid cream, and then even nicking Ashton’s sudocreme to apply onto my hands, I felt despaired. Nothing was working and I felt this was just going to be something I had to live with.

I was just far too busy to be worrying about me.

Then I started to notice a few red lumps on Ashton’s adorable face.

Maybe it was because it was all over my hands, or maybe it was because this occurred around Christmas time and my diet had been pretty crap, or maybe he’s just my flesh and blood and we both have ridiculous sensitive skin, but before long the eczema had spread across both his cheeks.

My poor red faced child! This was a problem I had to fix quickly.

I pulled out all of the products I could find. Which one would do the job?

We tried a couple of different creams and moisturisers and nothing was really working. Out of desperation I started to look online and purchased EVERYTHING from this site, including a couple of highly recommended bath soaks, a mask and a moisturiser. The only problem was these items were shipping from Australia, and due to the holidays, wouldn’t arrive for another week and a half!

Help – my child is going to have a scarred face for LIFE and I was going to be the WORST mum for letting it happen.

Hmmm… Why do I always think everything is awful? Is that a mum thing?

His face got worse and worse, then one day out of the blue it started to get better.

Yes, I had panicked for nothing.

Keeping it moisturised and drying it properly after every bath and swim seemed to do the trick. I had also started to cut a bit of dairy out of my diet, thinking it was affecting my breastmilk, and perhaps it was just me but that seemed to clear it up quick smart without me putting in any extra worry.

By the time my products arrived, his face was back to looking clear and perfect.

I really do think that eczema is something we will still struggle with in the future, so I am glad we’ve already gone through it and come out okay on the other side.

But what to do with this mountain of skincare items I had purchased?

Instead of using the Itchy Baby Co. products on my baby, I used them on me instead. After all, I had suffered from my dermatitis for what felt like forever. The skin on my hand was either dry and itchy or red and painful and I still couldn’t wear my favourite accessories – my rings. I dabbed on a little moisturiser and by day two it felt like my skin was alive again and was coming back to normal. and I’ve since convinced myself that these products (that are all natural and organic) are the best!

I now use a little moisturizer on Ashton daily, and will use the bath soak whenever its bathtime, just to make sure the rash stays away for good.

If you’re interested, I would highly recommend checking out The Itchy Baby Co. website. If you, like me, are struggling with your skin, It might also pay to look at your diet, what you’ve been in contact with recently, and how often you’re moisturizing your skin.

After all, life is too short for skin problems!

Rachel Chen