About me


// 3 months in


My child is (finally) sleeping in the other room and while I syphon up these few moments (seconds, minutes, hours?) of dreamy silence, I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and begin a blog of my own.

Because life is too short – and it’s way too full of poopy nappies – to continuously put off what I’ve said I’d always do. If I’m honest, navigating this whole parenting thing has been both daringly awesome and especially daunting but I’d love to think it’s still brought up a whole lot’a luscious content I can heftily throw your way.

So here it is. A collection of my thoughts on baby buys, product reviews, helpful tips and everything else.

Though I really am no expert (I have three months of parenting under my belt), through the broken sleep, broken nipples and COUNTLESS poo-namies (Seriously, how does such a little body make such a big mess?) I’m going to do this thing – well, write this thing. Wish me luck!

- Rachel

Rachel Chen